Communication Career Day

10th Annual Communication Career Day

Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 1:30 - 3:30 PM, UCSB's Corwin Pavilion

Our 10th annual Communication Career Day was held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 in Corwin Pavilion. The event included 250 students and more than 50 alumni. The keynote was given by Audra Lowe (Class of 1993), an Emmy-nominated and Nationally-Syndicated TV Host, Producer, and Voiceover Artist. Guest speakers also included Maureen Craig (Class of 1992) and Jody Miller (Class of 1984).

Audra is currently Correspondent for “Celebrity Page TV” (formerly OK!TV) and recent Host of The Broadway Channel. Audra is also an accomplished voiceover artist for TV shows and radio spots. Audra previously hosted Fox Sports’ “FoxWire,” in Los Angeles and the entertainment show, “FoxNOW,” becoming the first to nab backstage interviews with American Idol finalists.  Audra’s interviewed Hollywoods’ most famous celebrities, athletes and politicians in the world from the President to the Secretary of State. Audra earned her Emmy nomination for her work as Host of 7 season of the nationally-syndicated “Better Show.” Audra holds two B.A.’s from UC Santa Barbara and an M.A. from UCLA.

Click here for a Facebook photo album of the event. See below for the full Career Day Program.

Here's a 3-minute interview of Audra with Alumni Council member Justine Miller:

Here is Audra Lowe's Keynote Address on Career Planning for UC Santa Barbara Department of Communication Career Day 2018  (20 min):

Here is Maureen Carrig’s Presentation on Salary Negotiations for UC Santa Barbara Department of Communication Career Day 2018 (14 min):

Here is Jody Miller’s Presentation on Choosing Happiness as Part of Career Planning for UC Santa Barbara Department of Communication Career Day 2018 (14 min):

Each spring the Communication Alumni Council helps the Department sponsor Communication Career Day. On this day, dozens of alumni return to campus to participate in speed advice sessions that help our underg raduates gain insight into the variety of professions and diverse career paths chosen by our Communication alumni. These sessions give alumni and students opportunities to meet in small groups, seek career advice and explore future opportunities as interns or employees.

Our alumni represent a wide array of communication careers, including media and entertainment,sales and marketing, advertising, public relations, public affairs management, law, education, training and development, human resource management, accounting and financial management, and social media.  They hold positions in a variety of profit and non-profit organizations that include high tech companies, talent agencies, media organizations, public relations firms, governmental organizations, financial companies, pharmaceuticals, health care organizations, and marketing firms. 

Stay tuned for announcements about next year’s event: Saturday, April 27, 2019. Interested in getting involved and giving back to your Department? Contact Norah Dunbar or Michael Scalise

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