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Communication Alumni Council Intern

Our Communication Alumni Council intern is Claudia Mazur.  She is a third year Communication and Global Studies double major at UCSB and the Council's first Intern! Currently, Claudia serves as Alumnae Relations Director for her sorority, Alpha Phi, helps organize the SB Hacks V event as part of the hackathon club at UCSB, and is a member of the Communication Association. She has also been an intern at a cancer research lab and is starting to develop her own "business coding" language. Claudia absolutely loves to travel and has already visited 27 countries in her life, including studying abroad in Cádiz, Spain. She is bilingual in English and Polish and certified intermediate in Spanish. She plans to pursue fluency in a fourth language post-graduation (on top of perfecting Spanish), most likely a dialect of Chinese. Fun facts: she does not like chocolate, cake, or cupcakes, has a paralyzing fear of sharks, and can't wait to start her role on the Council!