Pre-Approved EAP Courses

We are always adding to the pre-approved course list as students return from education abroad and syllabi are reviewed for their rigor and theory-based instruction.  EAP courses that are pre-approved for Communication major credit have been reviewed by Communication faculty and are considered comparable to Communication upper-division courses offered at UCSB.  The University has final discretion if courses are considered upper-division.

Our most up to date pre-approved EAP course list can be found here on our website:

If you do not see a course listed on the Communication Pre-Approved List and would like it considered for Communication upper-division credit, please submit a complete syllabus for review through our online syllabus submission form. This form can be found here on our website:

Please note that 20 of your 40 upper-division Communication units must be taken in residency at UCSB.