TA Positions for External Graduate Students


Please click here (UCSB email address required) for an online form to express your interest in a TA position in the Communication Department for an upcoming quarter and to provide us with your qualifications, including your CV. Please note that we do not hire external graduate students for Summer Sessions.

When we need to hire additional TAs, we usually seek qualified graduate students to serve as TAs in one of our pre-major courses: Introduction to Communication (Comm 1), Statistical Analysis for Communication (Comm 87), Communication Research Methods (Comm 88), or Theories of Communication (Comm 89). Each TA position is 50% time. Preference will be given to applicants who a) have undergone TA training or have teaching experience, b) have experience with/knowledge of APA style, and c) have the ability to help students understand empirical research findings in published studies (usually quantitative methods). The particular course assignment will depend on suitability for the course as well as schedule availability for the lectures and sections of the course in the particular quarter. For any of the courses, each TA attends lectures, meets weekly with the instructor, teaches discussion sections each week, and handles paper-grading (among other duties).