Undergraduate Research Participation (SONA)

The SONA online research management system is used to allow students to efficiently obtain research participation credit.  Lower division Communication courses require some amount of research participation (generally 2 hours per lower division class), and SONA is designed largely for those classes in mind, but sometimes an instructor of an upper division course might offer students some amount of extra credit for participating in research, and thus SONA may be used for that purpose as well.  You will go to the online site to find out what studies are being offered in a given quarter, and you will use the site to sign up for studies.  Researchers will also use the site to award you your credit. 


Click here or click on the link to the left for the instructions to learn how to set up and use SONA to manage your research participation.  They cover Making an Account; Where to Ask Questions; Signing up for Studies, and Canceling Timeslot Appointments; Managing Credits and Other Aspects of Your Account; and Where to Ask Questions.

Log On to the System

Click here to log on to the SONA research system, for Department of Communication research participation.  But be sure you have first read and understood the instructions before using SONA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please also browse the FAQs (frequently asked questions) in the Student Manual for SONA, available on the Instructions page or via the link to the left, so that you are prepared in advance for how to deal with any issues that might come up during the quarter