Graduate Student Advisory Committee to the Chair

The UCSB Department of Communication Graduate Student Advisory Committee to the Chair (GSACC) was created in January 2006 to advocate for graduate students’ interests and to promote healthy communication between grad students and faculty.

All representatives are elected by the department's graduate student body, with elections held at the end of each calendar year (for service the following calendar year).

GSACC representatives meet with the:

  • Graduate student body to discuss ongoing issues or concerns
  • Department chair to report on ongoing issues or concerns
  • Graduate committee to provide feedback on the handbook, available courses, and general expectations for graduate students success
  • Department staff, the Student Affairs Manager, and Faculty Graduate Director to collaborate on projects such as TA assignments, office assignments, and formal/informal department events such as the Welcome Back Picnic in the fall and Welcome Weekend for new admits.


GSACC also helps organize formal and informal department events for its graduate students, including a Welcome BBQ in the fall, New Admit Weekend in the winter, and social events throughout the year.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to graduate life in the department, please don't hesitate to be in touch!

    GSACC Officers

    (effective Spring 2023)

    • All-Grad Rep: Cynthia McLeod 
    • Departmental Climate Chair: Kylie Woodman
    • 1st Year Representative: Veronica Wilson
    • MA Representative: Chloe Gonzales
    • PhD Representative: Sungbin Youk
    • ABD Representative: Allison Mazur
    • Knowledge Base Coordinator: Brittany Wheeler
    • Communication Chair: Lindsay Miller
    • Office Representatives: Nancy Molina-Rogers & Minghui Wang
    • TA Liaisons: Nancy Molina-Rogers & Laurent Wang
    • External Outreach Coordinator: Hyojin Lee
    • DEI Graduate Representative: Chengyu Fang