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The following graduate students are currently on the job market. Please view their profiles for more information.

Matt Giles

Yeweon Kim

Debora D. Pérez Torres

Stephenson Brooks Whitestone


  • Business Officer
  • 805-893-4479
  • SSMS 4113
  • Undergraduate Advisor
  • 805-893-2493 (Voicemail Only)
  • SSMS 4005 (Working remotely effective 3/20/2020)
  • Financial Assistant
  • 805-893-8468
  • SSMS 4107 (Working remotely effective 3/17/20)
  • Sr. Undergraduate Advisor
  • 805-893-2493 (Voicemail Only)
  • SSMS 4115 (Working remotely effective 3/20/2020)
  • Staff Graduate Program Advisor

I am on campus Mondays and Wednesdays and available for in-person appointments (10-4pm) - please schedule via Google Calendar invite. For Zoom appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (10-4pm), please schedule by visiting


Office Hours - Monday & Wednesday on Campus (10-4pm) and Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Remotely (10-4pm)

  • General Graduate Program Advising - progress plans, requirements, petitions, department-required forms, etc.
  • Liaison for Graduate Division-required forms and reporting
  • Graduate Student hiring administration in collaboration with TA Coordinator (e.g., TA, Associate, Student Assistant, GSR, Summer hires, etc.)
  • Graduate Student Fee remission
  • Graduate Student Funding
  • Administration for Fellowship qualifications and submissions
  • Administration for recruitments, including applicants' general questions, program information, application system management, recruitment weekend organization, etc.
  • Administration for Graduate Annual Review
  • Webpages for Graduate Program
  • Ex-officio member of Graduate Committee
  • Works closely with Director of Graduate Studies


  • 805-893-3046 (Voicemail Only)
  • SSMS 4111 (Working remotely effective 3/17/20)
  • Academic Personnel and Office Coordinator
  • 805-893-4517
  • SSMS 4101