May 30, 2019

Congratulations to our doctoral students and faculty who received top paper awards at this year's International Communication Association in Washington, D.C. They'll be presenting their top papers between May 24-28, 2019.

Afifi, T. D., Harrison, K., & Zamanzadeh, N. (2019, May). Parents’ relationship maintenance as a ‘booster shot’ for families with type I diabetes. Top Paper Panel. Interpersonal Communication Division.

Hall, J. A., & Merolla, A. J. (2019, May). Connecting everyday talk and time alone to global well-being. Top Paper Panel. Interpersonal Communication Division.

Hopp, F. R., Fisher, J. T., & Weber, R. (2019, May). The dynamic relationship between news frames and real-world events: A hidden markov model approach. Top Paper Panel. Computational Methods Division.

McClelland-Cohen, A. (2019, May). Applying the Four Flows model to social movement organizing: Bridging organizational communication and social movement studies. Top Student Paper. Organizational Communication Division.

Prestin, A., & Nabi, R. (2019, May). Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Entertainment Media: Toward a "prescription" of media-based positive psychology interventions."  Top Paper Panel. Health Communication Division. 

Sink, A., Figueroa-Caballero, A. & Mastro, D. (2019, May). Warmth, competence, and the affective mediators of intergroup contact. Top 5 Papers in the Mass Communication Division 

Yang, Y. (2019, May). The actual CSR practices vs. public perspective of CSR: A factor analysis of CSR indices. Top Student Paper. Public Relations Division.