Dr. Jennifer Kam, Roselia Mendez Murillo, Monica Cornejo, and Nicole Mendoza Win a Top Paper Award at NCA

Award Recipient: 

Jennifer Kam, Monica Cornejo, Rosie Mendez Murillo

Award Date: 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Congratulations to Jennifer, Roselia, Monica, and *Nicole for their Top Paper Award!

Kam, J. A., Mendez Murillo, R., Cornejo, M., & Mendoza, N. (November, 2020). The importance of norms and efficacy in predicting undocumented college students’ intentions to talk to an on-campus mental health professional. To be presented at Top Paper Panel, Health Communication Division, National Communication Association.

The paper also has been accepted for publication at Health Communication

*When this study was conducted and the paper was written, Nicole Mendoza was an undergraduate Communication major. She recently joined the doctoral program in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University.