UCSB Comm Faculty and Graduate Students Contribute to Oxford Handbook of Digital Technology and Society

The Oxford Handbook of Digital Technology and Society (2020), edited by Simon J. Yates and Ronald E. Rice, provides students, researchers, and practitioners across the technology and social science sectors with a comprehensive overview of the foundations for understanding the various relationships between digital technology and society. Combining robust computer-aided reviews of current literature from the UK Economic and Social Research Council’s commissioned project “Ways of Being in a Digital Age” with newly commissioned chapters, this handbook illustrates the upcoming research questions and challenges facing the social sciences as they address the societal impacts of digital media and technologies across eight broad categories: Health, age, and home; communication and relationships; organizational contexts; communities, identities, and class; citizenship, politics, and participation; data, representation, and sharing; governance and accountability; and synthesis.

UCSB Comm faculty and student contributors include Ronald E. Rice, Nicole Zamanzadeh, Kristin Page Hocevar, and Audrey N. Abeyta. For detailed table of contents and authors, go to http://rrice.faculty.comm.ucsb.edu/B14.htm