Extensive Comm Graduate Student Publications and Conference Presentations

Award Date: 

Monday, February 23, 2015

As of 2/23/2015, UCSB Comm Graduate Student Accomplishments, 2014-2015


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Conference Presentations

Abeyta, A. (2014, November). The non-contributive bystander: Extending the bystander effect to predict online information sharing. NCA, Chicago.

Adams, A. (2014, July 14). GRIT summer lecture presenter: Grad Slam Finalists: Big Ideas that Matter, Ground-Breaking Research/Innovative Technology (GRIT) Talks Research worth sharing summer lecture. Invited Presentation.

Adams, A. (2014, November). Social information processing theory: The past, present, and future directions, NCA, Chicago.

Adams, A. (2014, October 24). Parents & Family Weekend Grad Talk: Grad Slam Students Q&A, Undergraduate Research Colloquium. Invited Presentation.

Adams, A., & Baker, G. (2015, May).  Edorble demo: a virtual world for your classroom, Game Studies Pre-Conference, ICA Puerto Rico.

Adams, A., Lanius, C., Guth, K., Ji, Qihao, Millham, M. H., Smith, W. R., Teodoro, R., Askay, D. (2014, November). The bigger the data the harder the fall?  Opportunities, methodologies, and challenges to big data analysis, NCA, Chicago.

Adams, A., Young, C., Magana, G., & Tsai, V. (2015, May). Predictors of textisms and communication accommodation in text messaging, ICA Puerto Rico.

Banghart, S., Putnam, L. L., Fairhurst, G. (2015, May). Theorizing the research on organizational paradoxes, contradictions, and dialectics [Organized panel session], ICA Puerto Rico

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Dragojevic, M., Mastro, D., Giles, H., & Sink, A. (2015, May). Group accent portrayals on American primetime television: A content analysis, ICA, Puerto Rico.

Dragojevic, M., & Giles, H. (2014, June). Processing fluency, generalized negative affect, and language attitudes: Evidence for an alternative explanatory mechanism. Paper presented at the 14th. Intentional Conference of Language and Social Psychology (ICLASP14), Honolulu.

Hasell, A., & Hodges, H. (201, May). Framing Fracking: An examination of the public framing of Fracking in social media, ICA Puerto Rico.

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Kam, J. A., Figueroa-Caballero, A., & Basinger, E. D. (May, 2015). Constructing a measure of alcohol-specific communication with friends: Conceptualizing and operationalizing communication as multidimensional. Paper to be presented at the International Communication Association, Puerto Rico. Top Paper Panel, Interpersonal Communication Division.

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Stocking, G., & Hasell, A. (2014, November). Twitter as a tool for public engagement with emergent technologies? Top Poster presentation at the conference of Democratizing Technologies: Assessing the Roles of NGOs in Shaping Technological Futures Conference, at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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