Internships provide valuable knowledge and skills and are one of the most rewarding ways for Communication students to form professional relationships with our alumni and other employers. We strongly encourage our students to participate in one or more internships before they graduate. Click the respective link to go to the section below for more information about internships.

Comm 191: Applying Communication to Internships in Organizations (4 credit Comm major credit course)

Comm 197: Communication Internship (1 P/NP non Comm major credit)

Other Options for Academic Credit for an Internship

Finding an Internship

Dr. Young Ji Kim serves as the Internship Advisor, and as a liaison for students, employers, and professional organizations. Students having trouble finding an internship are welcome to visit Dr. Kim during her office hours or email her at to request an appointment.

Internships and Academic Credit

Comm 191 Applying Communication to Internships in Organizations

The Department of Communication grants 4 UD Comm credits in conjunction with an internship only to those students who complete the Comm 191 Applying Communication to Internships in Organizations course (see Undergraduate courses). Comm 191, typically offered in the spring quarter, is open to 30 Communication seniors who work as interns for 8-10 hours per week while enrolled in the course. The course, which meets for 2 hours each week, draws on students’ coursework and analytic skills as they transition from academe into the workplace. 

Comm 197 Communication Internship

Separately, students can earn one unit of P/NP credit, not for UD Comm credit, in any quarter by enrolling in Comm 197 Communication Internship. This is not a course; it simply offers 1 credit for engaging in a communication-related, supervised internship. For requirements and enrollment information, please click here.

Other Options for Academic Credit for an Internship

Employers themselves cannot grant academic credit, nor can Career Services. Academic credit for an internship may be available outside the Department of Communication through other accredited institutions, such as Santa Barbara City College in their Career Classes program, or through other academic departments or institutions.  

Finding an Internship

Department of Communication Resources for Internships









Our UCSB Department of Communication group on LinkedIn assists students, alumni and departmental affiliates connect with one another. Our LinkedIn group of 1600+ members posts internship and job opportunities that target Communication students, recent graduates, and alumni. Any member can post new listings at any time. See “How to Use the student-alumni UCSB Department of Communication group on LinkedIn” on the Career and Jobs Information page.

The Communication Association at UCSB. Our student–run Communication Association hosts events on every other Tuesday evening. The group invites guest speakers to share career advice and offer workshops in professional development. These employers are often local communication alumni and other employers seeking interns. Additional internship opportunities are announced at each event. Please visit the Communication Association Facebook page and/or attend an event for more information.

UCSB University of California Capital Internship Programs









UCSB participates in the University of California Capital Internship Programs which enable junior and senior undergrads to live in Washington, DC or Sacramento, CA, study there, and earn units for an internship for a quarter. For more information about this wonderful program, please visit the Capital Internship Programs website or Facebook page

UCSB Resources for Internships 

UCSB Career Services offers an interactive database system called Handshake that lists and manages internship and career opportunities for UCSB students. Employers from all areas of the world can register their internships and job opportunities on Handshake free of charge. All UCSB students who are enrolled in the university can access this information. Career Services, part of the Career Center, is the primary campus resource for internship and career information (building #599, across from Storke Tower, next to Humanities and Social Sciences Building, 893-4412).