Graduate Forms for Current Students

Department of Communication Forms


Department of Communication Forms (Commonly Used) - DocuSign or Adobe Signatures Accepted

Additional Graduate Division forms and descriptions can be found here: Forms & Petitions


MA Forms:

Nomination of MA Advisor (DocuSign PowerForm)

MA Thesis Proposal Meeting (DocuSign PowerForm)

Graduate Division MA Committee Nomination (DocuSign PowerForm)

Graduate Division MA Committee Changes

MA-Defense Requirement Grid & Results

PhD Forms:

Nomination of PhD Advisor (DocuSign PowerForm)

Graduate Division PhD Committee Nomination (DocuSign PowerForm)

Graduate Division Doctoral Committee Changes

Qualifying Exam Option Form - Committee approval for two-quarter qualifying exam period

Graduate Division Report of Qualifying Exam Results

PhD Dissertation Proposal Meeting (DocuSign PowerForm)

Report on Doctoral Degree Final Defense

Course Requirement Grids (used for progress planning & annual review):

MA-Only Course Requirement Grid

MA/PhD & PhD Only Requirement Grid - Dual requirement grid document

Directed Reading & Directed Research Contracts:

COMM 593 Directed Reading Contract

COMM 596A Directed Research Contract


Request for Exception to Employment - Employment in excess of 50%, beyond departmental normative time, academic probation.  Return to Department for processing.

Eligibility Verification - Completed by hiring department and submitted to department

Leave of Absence:

Filing LOA (DocuSign PowerForm) - One-time filing leave option & must be registered preceding academic quarter. Contact Graduate Division for advising.

Leave of Absence (DocuSign PowerForm) - Leave for medical/health difficulties, parenting/pregnancy, emergencies in immediate family, armed services/military duties. 

In Absentia - Live outside of California for full academic quarter & need for leave must be directly related to degree research (faculty approval required). May not take Filing LOA prior to In Absentia.

Part-Time Status Registration Petition - Part-time status for medical/health, occupation, or family responsibility reasons. For non-ABD doctoral students only.


8-Unit Enrollment Exception (DocuSign PowerForm)

Academic Progress Plan

Outside Department Approval (UCSB course)

Outside-course Approval (non-UCSB)

ASE Duties & Responsibilities Department Checklist